Animal Scrolls

It has been a while since I have completed a craft/art project so I was very glad to start the blog with this post.

We were at Jo-Ann’s picking up some yarns for my other project and my sister spotted these cool fabric panels. I think their purpose is to become canvas totes. However, I thought they would make excellent wall art so thought of this idea. We then headed to Home Depot and picked up 4 dowels. I cut them to size and got these things below:


The cat decided to help out.


The reason I picked the cat panel because the cat looks like my Suppy who past away even down to the beautiful giant ears.


Angus: I’m helping you hold this down!

I used fabric glue to create a tube so that the dowels can go through.


I then wrapped and glued some twine to the ends of the dowels.


That’s all and they got hung up on the wall!




Easy peasy!

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