Publication Cover Redesign

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The CalSTRS Overview and Teachers’ Retirement Law are two annual publications with extensive information detailing laws governing California teachers’ pension. In years prior to 2015, the designs for the covers were printed using a one-color process with abstract graphics.

In 2015, the clients requested and update to the covers. The new designs featured two different photos of California landscapes, tied together by similar colors and themes and printed with a four-color process. The purpose was to update the cover designs to create consistency among all CalSTRS member-facing publications, but also inject a uniqueness to them due to the information they contain that is unlike other CalSTRS publications. Each year the color band on the right of the cover change drastically to ensure that readers can pick the publication up and be able to differentiate one year’s publication from the next.

The upgrade to a four-color process drastically increased the overall quality of the publication, but also slightly increased the cost of printing. To reduce the overall cost of printing, the quantity of prints were decreased and readers were encouraged to refer to online versions.