Hanging Orchids

I have had these phalaenopsis orchids sitting in water culture for a while. It was fine. In fact, it was perfect. My orchids thrived and they were happy. However, I just wanted to have some orchids hanging just for the heck of it. So! My sister got some coconut husk made into sheets and I “stole” some from her. She said: “Make sure you rinse it really well because it’s very salty!”

Well well, of course I followed that instruction.  I made the coconut swim with sharks!


The next step is trimming some dead/rotten roots. I have this big one for a long time. The one that you’re seeing alive and thriving is actually the baby. Momma is the dry stump on the right. She had passed away for a while leaving her baby to thrive. It was time to let momma pass on so I trimmed her away.


Then I did something that looks like an S weave through the roots.


All wrapped with clear fishing lines.


Now onto the trimming of the smaller phaleanopsis. It has purple flowers!


The roots formed sort of circles. So I decided to just wrap the coconut husk around it instead of weaving it through the roots. Orchid burrito!


What else is left to do but to hang them up!



I’m thinking I could add a few more in the future. Maybe some smaller orchids sprinkled around.

Overall, I am very happy with the end result and it was super fun wrapping them up. Hanging orchid garden isn’t so bad.